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My Puppy Imprint Training Program is designed for puppies to start when 8-12 weeks of age.  You choose your puppy, enroll in one of my 2 - 12 Week Puppy Imprinting Programs and I will do the training for you.  I can even pick up your puppy if that is convenient, or we can arrange to have your puppy brought to me.  I am flexible!

The most difficult adjustment period when getting a new puppy, is implementing a successful housebreaking and crate training program and ensuring the puppy is consistently learning good manners.  With puppies, this task can take weeks of hard work, commitment and perseverance to achieve.   With my program, there will be no need to worry whether or not you are doing it right.   Having taught puppy classes for 13 years, I have coached hundreds of with families, with all breeds of puppies.   Puppies are my specialty!

THE RESULTS!  With my board and train program, you take home a well socialized, well mannered, pre-trained puppy who understands and appreciates household rules and boundaries.  For continued success at home, you will be supplied with manuals, videos and will receive lifetime phone and email support to ensure the transition to your home continues as smoothly as possible.  

So whether you are looking to add one of the popular hybrids to your family, such as a trained Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle and now the most recent the Sheepadoodle, or you are more fond of any number of choices of pure bred or mixed breed puppies, I have experience with them all and would love nothing more than to help you successfully train your forever puppy!


Confident Canines

confident canines - puppy imprinting service dog training in Kitchener confident canines puppy imprinting service in Kitchener.  Featuring trained Goldendoodles Bernedoodles Labradoodles, Sheepadoodles Serving Kitchener Waterloo, London, Toronto, Mississauga, Guelph, Elora, Atwood, Listowel, Schomberg, Orangeville,                                                                                             Goderich, Bayfield, Lampton Shores, Woodstock, Ontario


Here are 2 examples of what can be accomplished in a 4-6 Week Imprint Program.  Pooka (left) and Bhalu (right) are also extremely smart puppies who learned all of the above behaviors, and further acquired a good understanding of a basic sit and down stay, and leave it.  More training included loose leash walking with focus and sits and the most important of all, the come command.  


Welcome to our Puppy Imprint Training 



It is your program so I can train what ever skills you wish, with a reasonable amount of time. Lulu (left) learned more tricks instead of obedience commands.  This is what her family wanted.   Each puppy is unique and an individual, so I like to watch for behaviors that come naturally and then provide an outlet for them to express it.  As you will see in Daisy's video (right) she wants to be a soccer star!

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"Creating Confidence at Both Ends of the Leash"


Here are 2 examples of what can be accomplished in a 12 Week Imprint Program.  Joey (left) and Lolly (right) have been trained to professional standards and are considered fully trained Goldendoodles.  Both mastered advanced stays, advanced leash work with focus, automatic sits and a reliable leave it and come command.  Both puppies are consistently ringing a bell to go outside.

Confident Canines is a reward based dog training company that does not endorse any tools or techniques that could potentially harm a dog's personality or temperament. My passion is puppies and preventing behavior problems through proper training and socialization.  Lynda O'Neill CTB.ccs has earned certification as a dog trainer / behavior therapist and has owned and operated Confident Canines in Ontario, Canada since 2003.

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Here are 2 examples of what can be accomplished in a 3 Week Imprint Program.  Guinness (left) and Joey (right) are both Goldendoodle puppies who mastered everything I could of expected from them.  Such smart puppies to have learned so much in such a short time.  My training produces consistent results.  Both puppies are just 10.5 weeks old when performing for these videos.