Meet Lynda o'neill

In 2012 Lynda moved with her husband Jamie to Brussels, Ontario to live a quieter lifestyle and enjoy his early retirement from the auto industry.

They purchase a small log home on the Maitland River and this became their main focus.  Both loving the hands on adventure and the satisfaction of a hard days work, this little log home became their huge project over the next 3 years.   Those days were spent learning many new skills and relaxing when they could with their very special companions, Chip (Yellow Lab), Daile (Chocolate Lab - R.I.P baby girl) and crazy little parrot, TeAmo. 

In 2017, Nica joined the team as the official puppy nanny.  She is a young spayed Goldendoodle who has the most gentle and co-operative personality.  She  will help train and socialize all the Imprinting puppies coming into our program.  

Welcome to the family Nica!  You hold a V.I.P position and we are already so very proud of you!

In 2015, Lynda created her Puppy Imprint Training Program, and along with her husband's involvement and support, they trained numerous puppies for both Doodle Creek Goldendoodles in Atwood, Ontario and Swissridge Kennels Bernedoodles in Schomberg, Ontario.  

In June 2016 they decided to offer their Puppy Imprinting Program direct to the customer which proved to be a success and a huge savings to the client with no middle person involved.​​

Animals have always been my passion!


Lynda has shared her life and love with animals for more than 35 yrs.  As a child growing up, she was always involved with the family's puppy training and then raising her own animals which included horses, dogs and birds.  Most of her earlier years as a young adult were devoted to the Animal Care Industry where she explored her interests. She worked at Pet Stores and Kennels and eventually became an all breed Dog Groomer and from there, went on to work with Veterinarians.

In early 2003 Lynda graduated the CCS Canine Trainer / Behavior Therapist Program with highest honors, and opened the doors to Confident Canines in Kitchener, Ontario. She ran all levels of dog training classes and coached over a thousand families with all breeds of dogs. For years after graduating she attended numerous conferences and lectures at the University of Guelph and other venues to stay up to date with current positive dog training techniques.  

Lynda earned certification through the Canine Correspondance Studies Program with Norma Jeanne Laurette, and is an Approved Mentor Trainer for students of her program.  In 2002, Norma Jeanne also created the International Positive Dog Training Association, where Lynda became one of it's founding members. ​

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