​​August  2016

Lynda, overall it is going great! We we took Roxy on a bit of a road trip last week, visiting three different cottages, and she couldn’t have been better behaved or more social – she made a lot of friends and people were amazed by her great personality and behaviour.  

Lara and Roxy

Oct​ 2017

Sky is doing well, first 2 nights I slept beside him and let him out in middle of night and now he is used to his crate and can sleep until morning.  He is playing with my daughter very well just a little bit of nipping which I believe every puppy does it. Thank you very much for taking care of Sky for 10 days, and all the information you gave us about him.  Sania and S​ky

August 2017

We are so pleased with the training our puppy, Bernie, received from Lynda & Jamie! You can tell the dogs loved being with Lynda & Jamie. Lynda uses positive reinforcement techniques and over the 4 weeks that our Bernie was with them, he learned so much we are amazed! It has been a fantastic transition thus far from her place to our home. Lynda provides detail instructions, a manual to follow along, weekly emails with updates/videos & pictures etc. Lynda has been and continues to be exceptional at handling any questions we have. We highly recommend Confident Canines!!  Shelley, Dane and Bernie

​​​November 2016

Molly has had a couple of play dates and has met people on walks.  She sleeps through the night well in a crate. She has been ringing the bell, but mostly when we ask her to. Yesterday evening she did it on her own and John took her right out. She is good with potty. Thanks for your good fundamental work. Beth, John and Molly

May 2017

Lynda did such a fantastic job with Oreo. She truly cares about the dogs in her care and the families that will receive them. As we learn more about our puppy it's nice to know that Lynda is just an email away.  Marko and Oreo

​​June 2017

All is going so amazing with Millie.  She is an absolute treasure in our lives.  She issooooo well behaved, sits and is patient, thinks before she leaps, is calm, loves people, loves her belly rubbed, listens and is just honestly such an easy dog it constantly amazes us.  I believe part of that is of course due to her nature, but I am certain a very large part is the very formative 4 weeks that she spent with Lynda in her loving home.  I sing her praises regularly and everyone we know clearly agrees with us that the 4 weeks were the very best  investment we could have made - the difference between her and other local 'non-imprinted' pups is really very noticeable!!  If we could have stood to be apart from her for longer I am certain Lynda could have worked even more magic with her! "  Petra and Millie

August 2017

JoJo came home last week after spending six weeks with Lynda. Her transition has been incredible. She knows the basic and the most important commands: Come, Stay/Wait and sit. She also knows "good potty." She is so well behaved and goes into her crate when asked. She's conditioned to car rides, people, noises, walking on the leash and playing with other dogs. She's an angel. 

This is the second time we've worked with Lynda. The first was two years ago with JoJo's sister LuLu -- who

is perfect in every way and the most popular dog on the college campus she visits daily!  Thank you Lynda (Jamie, Nica and Chip)  The Dennisons 

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October 2016

Things are going very well with Ruby!  No accidents at all, she goes to her crate for her scheduled times.  She is going to the door on her own and ringing the bells but not always does she go when she goes outside.  Sometimes I think that she just likes to ring the bells.   Sherri and Ruby

August 2017

Lynda, thank you so much for the training you did with Maviic.  I would recommend this training to anyone with a new puppy. It has helped immensely, people cant believe how good he is and at such a young age. We are keeping up with the basics you taught him and adding more with the literature you gave us.....it was a great experience....Thanks again Mark, Sylvie and Maviic

Hi Everyone,  my name is Beau.  I was a guest of Lynda's from April 29th to June 10th, 2017. My mom signed me up for 6 weeks of  Lynda's puppy imprinting program.  I really enjoyed my training with Lynda and learned so much that I have my Mom and Dad so very happy and proud of me. Lynda taught me all the basic obedience commands such as sit, stand, come, lay down and more. Lynda socialized me with many other puppies and dogs so I would be confident when I see them. Lynda exposed me to many different noises, items and festivals so I won't be scared when I come across any of these. I know how to ring a bell to let my Mom and Dad know when I have to go pee outside. Lynda also gave me a lot of hugs and kisses and made me a part of her family. My Mom and I really appreciate everything Lynda has done and definitely recommend her to anyone who is considering the puppy imprint program.  Feel free to contact us at llostra@yahoo.ca  Thank you, Lisa and Beau

June 2017

​​​​Lynda & Jamie gave our puppy such a great start in the big world as her third set of parents! They are so calm & gentle with the pups and we think that rubbed off on our puppy. From the first day home she never had an accident in the house and slept the whole night. The dogs are socialized with other dogs as well as humans. We're still in touch with Lynda & Jamie to get tips and to update them on Nica's progress. We highly recommend Lynda (& her 'helper' Jamie) as a dog trainer because she is an extremely competent professional with a huge warm heart.  Elizabeth, Olav and Nica

Please Note:  We were asked by the family to take Nica in as our own, as their lifestyle had changed.  As hard as it was, they did not feel they could offer her the best life she deserved.  We said YES! and Nica is our newest family member to join our team!

Our Most Recent Guests

​February 2017

Hi Lynda, Finn is doing really well!  He is consistently going potty outside and sleeps happily overnight from about 10:30 pm to 7:30 am.  He plays really well with other dogs at the park.  He consistently responds to sit, down, settle and drop it.   Heather and Finn

June 2017

Roxy is doing great!  She has not been overwhelmed by the 5 children and has adjusted very nicely.  She loves the garden and chewing on her bones in the shade.  Biggie and Roxy hit it off right away and love each other already.  We are really happy!!  Axelle and Roxy ​